Spring / Summer


Surprise! We are delighted to welcome Valentino’s stunning collection in our men’s department!

So… We invite you to come and discover or own selection of exceptional pieces, t-shirts and some unique masterpieces.

Fashion made for you !

Your style is Rock, more Classic or Ethnic, Fun? You will find what you need in our collection to make your personality shine. Do not hesitate to combine styles for even more uniqueness.



The spring/summer collection uses some very chic basics, the colors are beautiful but sobre, details are, as always, perfectly realised as tailoring. T-shirts are printed with gorgeous drawings and sometimes with embroideries, which gives some relief.
These are absolute masterpieces!

Creatives camouflages…

Valentino renew every season his famous camouflage print by making them a little different with some stars ( see picture ), some butterflies ( mariposa ), or by changing the color into blue, instead of kaki. But the collection is not only made by camouflage! You will discover an amazing collection in our men’s department on the first floor!

Belstaff Collection

A new line just appeared in the store… Inspired by flying jackets and motorcycle jackets from the last century. The story took place during the 1910’s with the creation of waterproof materials, used for men and women clothing.

That definitely made the reputation of the brand, till now, even if the leather jackets are also a must have!


Jacques Loup Boutique