Leather good

An eye for detail

To complete your outfit, we propose a collection of different accessories as belts, ties, bow ties and even socks!

Original Scarves collections

Different styles of scarves and bandanas are present in our Men collections such as Lanvin or Miharayasuhiro, made in the finests qualities of cashemere, wool, cotton and fur to create original accessories.


The perfect match!

The Jacques Loup’s men line gives you the opportunity to get the belt exactly in the same leather and colour as the paire of shoes.

Valentino… Beachwear as well!

Only available in Jacques Loup store, swimsuits, shirts, t-shirts, flip-flops, mules, the perfect outfits are proposed here for the best holidaymakers, chic in any circumstances!

Street Style!

Its straps and chrome zippers give a really nice Urban-Chic-Style to this back-pack, whereas the high quality leather gives the nobelty of the beautiful materials. An irresistible mix that makes it so attractive!

Jacques Loup Boutique