Philip Karto is a French designer from the French Riviera, hometown Cannes. A real artist in the heart, he has a great admiration for fashion, art and has a very singular vision of the aesthetics of an object, of sculptures to collages, from jewelry and accessories. 

His main passion is the customization of different items. Transforming an object new or used, trendy or forgotten represents a real challenge. He creates his eponymous brand, inspired by what he loves most: Rock & Roll, motorcycles and pop culture. His motto exposes his work very explicitly: Disassemble, Modify, Transform.

All Philip Karto products are produced in his workshops in Miami, by expert craftsmen in the field of leather. Louis Vuitton's vintage handbags, which he transforms, are completely disassembled, hand-painted with high quality acrylic paint to preserve the quality of the leather and again assembled with suede cuffs, exotic leather and with 925 silver details.

The Vuitton Vintage range is a must-have that Jacques Loup puts forward because it perfectly combines luxury, fashion and art. Each skin has a unique pattern of "tiles" or scales, making each item unique. All bags are famous for their quirky quotes such as the bag "Mickey Fuck", original and iconic images like the Bugs Bunny bag or references. 

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