Jacques Loup for You has been created to personally thank our members of the Club Jacques Loup for their loyalty and their trust.

How can I join the program Jacques Loup for You?

When you are a new client, you join the Jacques Loup for You-program when creating your account for the Jacques Loup Club. You can create your account here.

Already member? The program has been added automatically to your account and can be found under the "Jacques Loup for You" - Loyalty Program" section.

How does it work?

For each purchase on our site, you earn rewards (50€ spend = 1€ reward). As of 500€ spend, you can choose a voucher of 10€ available right away (and visible in your cart) or you can continue to earn more rewards for a futur purchase.

And we offer you the return for free!

Where can I consult my rewards?

In your personal account, you will find the "Jacques Loup for You" tab - you can see the level of rewards you have collected so far. Also you will find details of your collected rewards per purchase in the "Rewards History" section and the list of vouchers with the validity date is available in the "Voucher History" section.

What can I do with my voucher?

As soon as you have reached 10€ rewards, a voucher can be redeemed and is available in your account. The voucher will be shown in your cart for the next purchase or you can continue to collect even more rewards.

What happens to my earned rewards when I return an article or I cancel an order?

When you decide to return an article or cancel an order, the rewards will be cancelled too.

What happens to my 10€ voucher when I return an article or I cancel my order?

The voucher of 10€ (or more) will not be issued again when you ask for a return or an exchange. You will be reimbursed for the amount you have paid for each article.

At what moment my rewars expire?

The rewards are valid for 12 months starting the day of the validation in your account and need to be used within this period.

Can I use my rewards in the shop in Cannes?

This loyalty program is only available to the clients of the website jacques-loup.com.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email serviceclient@jacques-louyp.com.

You can find the General Terms and Condition of the Loyalty program here.


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