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Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. So that you can feel secure when visiting our website, we strictly observe the statutory regulations in processing your person-specific data and we would like to inform you here about our data acquisition and data utilization. The following data-protection statement explains to you which data is collected from you on our website, which parts of this data we process and use and in which way, and to whom you can turn with any concerns or requests.


The personal data that we are collected are stored in a secure environment. The people working for us are bound to respect the confidentiality of your informations. 
To ensure the security of your personal data, we put in place several actions: 

  • SSL Protocole (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Network Monitoring Software
  • ID / Password

We are committed to maintain a high level of confidentiality by integrating the last technological innovations to allow us to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, no mechanism offers the maximum security, and a part of risk will always be present when using the internet to transmit personal data. 

Personal Data Protection

The present privacy policy gives you the insights on how your personal data is treated by Chaussures LOUP.

The way Chaussures LOUP treats your data is the same for all the offers. The present privacy policy applies therefore to all the services and offers that we propose.

1. How does Chaussures LOUP treat your personal data? 

When opening an client account and during the purchases of the Buyer on the site, the company Chaussures LOUP is collecting personal data. The head of the data collection is the company  Chaussures LOUP, ‘Société Anonyme”, share capital of 160 490,00 €uros, registered a the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Cannes, number 695 522 078, headquarters at 21 rue d’Antibes, 06400 Cannes.

The term “Personal Data’ englobes all data that allows the identification of the individual, which corresponds to, last name, first name, telephone number, birth date, gender, email address, postal address and all information the Buyer chooses to communicate to the company Chaussures LOUP.

Purposes of Data Collection

Personal data is collected for several purposes:

Handle the orders on the site

Elaborate sales statistics, do market and behavioural research

Create and manage prospect list in particular technical operations as normalization, enrichment and duplication,

Carry out operations linked to the management of clients

Select clients to set up prospecting and promotional actions

Address promotional messages by the company Chaussures LOUP. The buyer can unsubscribe at any moment by clicking on the link inserted at the end of these emails.

Respect our legal and regulation obligations

Improve the quality of the site and the user experience

Personalize the experience of the Buyer and answer individual needs

Deliver personalized advertising content

Improve the client service and are needs

Recipient of Personal Data

Only the company Chaussures LOUP and exterior companies linked by contract to the company Chaussures LOUP for the order processing have access to the communicated information. The categories of people that will have access to the personal data within the company Chaussures LOUP are, within their existing responsibilities, the sales department, the administration, the technical department and the department that take care of the verification (in particular the auditor, department in charge of the process for internal verification).

Can also be recipient of the personal data, public organizations, exclusively to answer any legal obligations, legal officials, Ministerial officers and organizations in charge of debt recovery.

All safety precautions are taking in order to preserve the security of the personal data to avoid damage or deformation, non-authorized third parties do not have access.

The company Chaussures LOUP reserves the right to transfer the data she has collected on site commercially if the Buyer has ticked the specific mention for this purpose.

The company Chaussures LOUP may transfer the data to foreign companies. The company Chaussures LOUP commits to transferring the data only to foreign companies that have the same level of data protection as France and the European Community.

Personal Data Storage

Your personal data is saved as long as necessary to the ends of this privacy policy, such as the execution of our legal and contractual obligations. If necessary, we will save your personal data for other purposes as long as the law authorizes us the storage for specific ends, including the defense of a right. In the case of an explicit agreement of the Buyer, who has ticked the box to this purpose, the company Chaussures LOUP is authorized to stock the bank coordinates in order to simplify future payments. 

The cryptogram is systematically destroyed after each completed and undisputed transaction.


The company Chaussures LOUP measures the page views, number of visits as the activity of the visitors onsite and their return frequency via the usage of cookie technology.

A cookie does not allow to identify the Buyer. It allows the save information linked to the navigation of the Buyer on the site www.jacques-loup.com (in particular, the visited pages, date and hour of the visit) and be able to read this during future visits.

The data the cookie collects is used only and strictly for internal purposes and are never transmitted to 3rd parties.

The usage of cookies, own or third-party, which is not necessary for the functioning of the site, needs a clear consent of the Buyer. The manifestation of the consent or the opposition to the usage of cookies is done by the appropriate configuration of the navigator. 

Certain cookies called advertising cookies allow to follow the buyer’s navigation and to register the viewed products and to show publicity banners related or not to this navigation during a delay of 90 days. These cookies are linked to the internal profile of the Buyer (without the ability to identify the Buyer). 

Integrated cookies on site:

- Google - Analytical cookie used to distinguish users, set by Google Analytics which we use to collect data about number of visits and user journey.

- Facebook - Targeting/Advertising cookie served by Facebook subsidiary Atlas Solutions.

- Mailchimp - Cookie to handle the email marketing campaigns such as newsletter etc

Access and Rectification Rights

When the Buyer communicated personal data, he hereby gives a clear consent to collect data and use the personal data.

In accordance with the French Data protection law N° 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978, modified in 2004, the Buyer has a right to access, rectify, interrogate and where appropriate to oppose to the data that concerns him and can be exercised by addressing an email to serviceclients@jacques-loup.com or by postal mail to SA Chaussures LOUP SAS –21 rue d’Antibes– 06400 Cannes – France. 

For legitimate reasons, the Buyer may oppose to this data treatment.

Chaussures LOUP proposes a newsletter service. When you subscribe to the newsletter service, you receive information on the themes treated in the newsletters. When you read the newsletters, access and terminal data is also saved.

In the view of the law and the defined conditions, you benefit the following rights in terms of data protection: access right (Art 15 GRPD), cancellation right (Art 17 GRPD), rectification right (Art 16 GPRD), restriction right to the data treatment (Art 16 GPRD), right to data portability (Art 20 GRPD), right of objection to a supervisory authority of data protection (Art 77 GPRD), right of the revocability of consent (Art 7, 3 paragraph, GPRD), also the right of revocability of certain data treatment procédures (Art 21 GPRD).

Contact for personal data treatment : Kathy Belmont - kbelmont@jacuqes-loup.com.


2. How is your data protected by Chaussures LOUP?

Our website is created and hosted on the platform of Prestashop.

Please find the white paper of Prestashop on the GRPD regulations: https://www.prestashop.com/en/system/files/filedepot/9/rgpd_whitepaper_prestashop.pdf

If you have any questions - please contact: 

Kathy Belmont - kbelmont@jacques-loup.com.


3. Modifications of the present privacy policy and contacts.

Changes to the present privacy policy may occur and can be necessary within the context of the development of our site or the implementation of new technologies in order to improve the service to our customers and visitors. We recommend reviewing the present privacy policy from time to time.

Chaussures LOUP applies the GPRD obligations.



By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

May you have any questions or concerns about this policy, do not hesitate to contact us.


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