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About Jacques Loup

A family business...

There is no business like a family business !

Jacques LOUP was initially founded by Jacques and Line Loup in 1941. They moved to the actual store located at the 21 rue d’Antibes, in 1955.

The opening of their second shop (21 Rue d’Antibes) was a big event. In those days, having a shoe store of 350m2 was pretty amazing and unique!

Today, the company is managed by the grand-children of the founders – Jacques-Robert and Marie-Emmanuelle Belmont.

Jacques-Robert Belmont started his career within the company After this Economic Science and Finance Engineering studies and obtaining his DESS in Finances. He focuses on the management and finance part.

His sister, Emmanuelle Belmont, joined the company after graduating from 2 schools specialized in fashion design – Paris and Milan (specialized in shoe design). She focuses on the artistic part by researching new upcoming talents, participating in the creation of the Jacques Loup Collection and purchasing the shoe and clothing collections for the shop.

Complementary in their talents, they share the passion transmitted by their parents and grandparents.

The parents, Robert and Marie-Françoise Belmont are still present every day in the shop, sharing their knowledge and experience.

A true passion for shoes and fashion...

Jacques LOUP started out as a 100% shoe shop. Jacques and Line curated their collection in France and Italy, focusing on luxury brands but they also worked together with local artisans of the South of France and Northern Italy to create and fabricate shoes on request for the shop. It does not get any more luxurious than to have your shoes on demand!

Step by step, by the impulse of Marie Françoise and Robert Belmont, the shop has evolved to answer to the needs of their high-end customers and so they started proposing high quality clothing collections for Women and Men.

The Total Look by Jacques Loup was born. An unique, modern, trendy look combining styles and brands, giving the opportunity to express one’s personality!

More than 75 years of expertise...

What started out over 75 years ago as a local shoe shop, has evolved to a luxury multi-brand shoe and clothing store, known and respected for its high quality products, excellent service and distinct style, uniqueness.

Jacques Loup has now exceptional collections of ready-to-wear, shoesaccessories and beauty, offering a complete selection of items to create a fabulous outfit.

And now it is time for the next evolution at Jacques Loup!

With jacques-loup.com, we want to bring the store experience and our expertise to you online: Total looks, style advice, personal shoppers, upcoming brands, limited editions… you can now access it 24/7 anywhere you are.


See you soon online or in our store!

Jacques-Robert & Marie-Emmanuelle


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