Stella Jean is an Italian-Haitian designer that uses her own story to create an unique and transcultural style via her Italian world and the heritage of her origins. The style of Stella Jean reflects her miscegenation and Creole heritage where culture and tradition are combined. Feminin creations for all ages from mother to the child.
She extols the transmission of multi-culturalism within fashion, favorising the miscegenation without compromising the identity of each person. Via her collections, the elegance, the sophistication and the contemporary are shown without being show off. The designer works with high-quality Italian sewing artisans.

The talent of Stella Jean has been rewared several times like in 2014, when she is selected by Fashion Bomb Daily as the Designer of the Year or in 2019 when the New York Times has designated her as the most convicing of all the designers of the new generation.

Jacques Loup proposes a high quality selection of clothing for each occasions: dresses, trouserstops and swimwear for a feminin, original and elegant look. Collection with different colors (black, white, red, gold) and different tissues.

Collection Ready-to-Wear Women


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