Inspired by urban and streetwear fashion, the Italian Label MSGM have brought a new freshness to the fashion world.

Massimo Giorgetti, the designer, was born in Rimini, Italy with underprivileged context and far from fashion. As a young adult, he starts working for luxury boutiques where his passion for textiles and aesthetic appears. He considered his job as his own fashion school. Massimo loves art, painting and is inspired bu contemporary art and independant music.

He launched his own emerging brand in 2009 by highlighting trendy pieces in electric colors and original fabrics. Choose your favorite creations from our women's collection with a dress, a jacket, sneakers, a bag... For each occasion, choose your favortie designs from our collection for women. He hold his succes from his positivity and optimism through casual elegance and eccentric simplicity. Add a touch of audacity to your outfits and discover our selection of printed t-shirts, ultra-trendy sneakers, sparkling dresses or bags.

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