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Saloni Lodha is an Indian designer from Bombay. She started by studying art and sewing all over the world and then arrived in London, where she launched her eponymous brand in 2008. Her work was born from her rich Indian heritage and the values ​​that have surrounded her since her young age.

The identity of the brand stands out through each of its creations with exotic inspirations. The prints and bright colors give a marvellous look to her bohemian chic and elegant style. Saloni creates clothing for women with long, colorful or light dresses (gold colored, white, blue)...
The designer is now based in Kensington, London but she does not forget her roots because all of her creations are made in India by local craftsmen, after making them herself in her own workshops.

Her notoriety continues to grow and she is considered as the reference of women in the world of fashion and the greatest women of influence wear her creations.

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