Symbol of femininity and quality, the eponymous brand Sergio Rossi launched in the 50s is the work of a craft enthusiast who wants to honor female silhouettes.

Son of a shoemaker father, Sergio Rossi was immersed in the world of luxury shoes at a very young age, and this is how the passion and desire to offer women glamorous, comfortable and high-quality shoes was born.Through prestigious collaborations such as with Gianni Versace, the designer founded his fame and established himself in the world of fashion and luxury.

Sergio Rossi makes it a point of honour to offer models of remarkable quality: qualified craftsmen work by hand on each pair of shoes.Femininity is the key word of each collection, it is expressed by various details that become symbols such as the heel that we find very worked on some models or in a very minimalist design in others.

High heels, mulessandals and ballerinas with lines as timeless as they are trendy form Sergio Rossi's women's collections. Discover the models carefully chosen by Jacques Loup


shoes collection for women


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