3.Paradis is a French-Canadian contemporary ready-to-wear brand founded in 2013 by creative director Emeric Tchatchoua. The brand is founded on a message of freedom, hope and universalism, inspired by life and its challenges. The brand's visual signature is based on the language of symbols, which enables deeply personal stories to be told. Emeric Tchatchoua, born and raised in an underprivileged neighborhood of Paris, draws on his own experience to create high-quality clothing for men and women. 

In 2013, 3.Paradis launched in Montreal and has since expanded its international presence through partnerships with renowned retailers, of which Jacques Loup is honored to be a part.  Based in Paris and Montreal, the brand was nominated for the LVMH Prize and won the Canadian Arts and Fashion Award. In 2023, 3.Paradis will celebrate its 10th anniversary. 

Discover the 3 Paradis collection and let yourself be enchanted by its poetic lines.


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